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Why Leadership Conferences Are Great for Business

Our United Systems culture is heavy on learning. Every day, we have many chances to enhance our knowledge and improve our skills. To supplement our ongoing education, we’re fortunate that our company encourages us to attend many leadership conferences throughout the year.

United Systems’ core business is customer acquisitions, so it makes sense that many of these conferences are centered on this industry and the partners we serve. When we gather with people in other regions, we crank up our career growth for many reasons such as:

• Networking Opportunities: Every conference draws both top leaders in the industry as well as other successful professionals. It’s impossible not to add at least two or three viable contacts to our network after each of these events. Between gatherings, we nurture these relationships so that the next time, it’s both a mini-reunion and a chance to meet others to whom our contacts can introduce us.

• Sharing Knowledge: From keynote addresses, to breakout sessions, to casual conversations, there’s a lot of knowledge transfer that takes place at an event like this. We make sure to set goals for what we want to learn there and highlight any presentations or workshops that would be appropriate to our objectives.

• Overall Understanding of the Big Picture: It’s called a leadership conference for a reason: everyone there is on an upward trajectory within the industry. By listening to their experiences, it’s easy for our new leaders to see how hard work and dedication pay off.

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