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We Only Win When We Win Together

What makes our company successful? It’s a legitimate question that all responsible leaders should spend some time reflecting on. For us, the answer is simple: our team. By creating an office culture that inspires and rewards collaborative effort, we’ve made United Systems the thriving organization it is today.

We take certain steps to maintain this unity, such as our frequent team nights. On a regular basis we hang out after hours, bowling or playing laser tag or just eating dinner together. These outings give us chances to get to know one another outside of our roles and titles, and simply connect as friends. This leads to open lines of communication in the office that transcend projects or departments.

The fun doesn’t stop when we get back to the United Systems office either. We have team-building events and friendly competitions that add an element of excitement and playfulness to our atmosphere and provide another way for us to bond.

While it’s not as entertaining as a night out on the town, our training system plays an important role in our team spirit as well. We start each new team member with a coach from his or her first day with our firm so they have one-to-one guidance and support, and also so that the value of teamwork is instilled at the beginning of everyone’s United Systems career journey.

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Learn more about our unique culture by following us on Twitter.

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