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Want a Promotion? Try This.

A new year means a new chance to advance in our careers. Around our United Systems office, there’s a buzz about our plans to expand this year, which will certainly make room for associates to be promoted to leadership positions.

Chris, United Systems’ President, often shares with us what he looks for when deciding who’s next to move up the ladder. While skill mastery is one of the crucial factors he considers, Chris also believes certain mind-sets are predictors of how well someone will thrive in a new role. Here are a few of his favorite tips to show we have the right stuff to be promoted:

• Make Learning a Priority: We’re big on training within the United Systems culture. But there’s more to learning than lessons. Chris noted that people who take on more responsibility to expand their knowledge and skills are those who are destined to go further within the company.

• Show You Can Teach Others: Leaders are those who help lift others. Therefore, Chris often observes how our associates go above and beyond to coach new team members and provide support so they can grow.

• Be Accountable: Our actions should always meet our words. If we say we’re going to do something, we need to get the job done. Individuals with a track record for following through with plans and goals are first in line for the next chance to advance.

We look forward to promoting more people this year, so plan to check out our Newswire for frequent announcements on our new leaders.

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