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Our Success-Fueling Sports Mentality

A sports-inspired mind-set is at the heart of everything we do as members of Team United Systems. We want teamwork to be the fuel that drives us to consistent success. It’s fair to say we’ve been successful in making this happen. Our mentality is that we must take focused action, stay competitive, and go for the win every single time. As we check in on our 2019 goals and prepare for the home stretch, we’re keeping the following key concepts in mind:

• GROWTH: For us, this means Goal, Reality, Options, and What’s Next. This is all about setting the stage for success by clarifying our intentions and the actions we need to take in order to achieve winning outcomes. It helps us focus on what we can do now to set up the next steps in a winning long-term plan.

• Personal, Small Milestones: Like any winning sports team, we have individual goals that fit into our larger United Systems objectives. While a great player might put personal targets in place for a season, he or she knows that reaching these aims will set the team up for a winning year. As we pursue major company targets, we work to improve our skill sets and celebrate small wins along the way.

• Clear Timelines: We know how powerful firm deadlines are when it comes to achieving significant aims. With a finish line already drawn, we can effectively organize our efforts to line up with it.

These are a few things we focus on as we pursue our highest aspirations. Follow United Systems on Instagram to learn more about our driven, sports-influenced mind-set.

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