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Our Strategies for Keeping Life as Simple as Possible

We’re all about hard work on Team United Systems, but we also believe in work/life balance as well. Yes, this helps us avoid burnout, but more importantly this keeps us excited about and engaged with our careers.

These are a few of the United Systems tips for simplifying our lives that we swear by in our office:

• Know the Difference Between Have to Do, Should Do, and Want to Do: Time is our most precious commodity, so we always try to spend it as wisely as possible. This means prioritizing what must be done, then focusing on what should be done. By putting first things first, we easily find time for our passion projects and relaxation.

• Learn to Delegate, or Just Say No: Trying to do everything ourselves is the quickest path to burnout. We’ve learned to say no to that which doesn’t further our goals, and to let others handle the projects to which they are best suited.

• Choose Wisely Between Consistency and Variety: Sometimes it’s best to follow a routine, and other times mixing it up makes sense. Knowing when to choose one or the other approach takes some practice, but will pay off in areas like efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Making life simple isn’t easy, but the rewards are more than worth the effort. Watch us put our work/life balance strategies into practice by liking United Systems on Facebook.

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