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Lessons in Leadership – What Really Matters

The best bosses are those who strive to be leaders. Now, some people might think these two terms are redundant. But, as we’ve noted in our United Systems model, leadership is not always synonymous with a position. In fact, the best leaders are those who show initiative at the earliest stages in their careers.

As Chris, United Systems’ President, shared, it’s important to identify and promote the right leaders within the workplace. Our advancement philosophy is built on putting merit ahead of seniority because we want to keep our top performers motivated and paving the way for others to follow. Here are some qualities we observe in those destined to go far:

• Model Behavior: Good leaders know that if they expect team members to be professional, courteous, and deliver excellent performance, they must demonstrate the traits they want others to emulate. They know – and expect – that everything from their work ethic to how they respond to challenges will be scrutinized by others.

• Base Decisions on Facts: Individuals who plan to go further as leaders must demonstrate a high emotional IQ. This means they take a hot moment before making critical decisions. They gather facts, put aside biases, and consider all options before they act.

• Be Accessible and Inclusive: Leaders who are approachable and seek input from their teams are respected and trusted, which drives more loyalty.

Because we’re keen on developing top leaders in our United Systems office, we often have chances to promote those who demonstrate their talent and align with our values. Check out our Newswire for updates on who has shined.

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