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How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

Hello, Graduates! By now, the excitement of commencement has begun to chill and you’re ready to turn your sights to finding that perfect job. Your friends here in the United Systems office know that feeling well. We, too, have been where you are, searching for companies that offer more than just a position, but a real chance to go further in our careers. Fortunately, we’ve found a perfect professional landing spot here, one that lets us put our talents and ambitions to good work – and be rewarded, too. We know what our future path will be, which motivates us to deliver results every day.

In the end, getting ahead all comes down to how badly we want that chance to advance. Whether within United Systems or elsewhere, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. Here are a few tried and true practices those who keep climbing the ladder follow:

• Take on Challenges: Before someone is promoted, he or she needs to show they can handle the next level of work. It goes without saying that volunteering for more responsibility is a sure-fire way to prove you have the chops.

• Manage Time Well: Higher-ups like to see people who are working smarter – those who know how to focus and make every minute count. Time equals money and especially when it’s the company’s time, it pays to show you value it.

• Keep Track of Your Accomplishments: In a fast-paced environment, bosses don’t always remember what someone did yesterday, let alone six months before a promotion opportunity opens up. Having a list of achievements to remind them of the good you’ve done can make a difference. (By the way, this is a good tip to remember for annual reviews, too).

Now, this is just a taste of what being a high achiever looks like. There’s plenty more out there to share. Like United Systems on Facebook and let us share our secrets to success. You can also check out our culture and learn more about our great career paths, too.

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