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How to Learn More and Earn More Now

When new hires join United Systems, their first questions are usually centered on what they need to do to rock their jobs with us. Our answer is simple: always be ready to watch, learn, and do. We’re on top of our game here because we believe that if we’re learning, we’re earning.

Bottom line is we’ve made knowledge transfer a big deal at United Systems, starting with our world-class training program that teaches both skills and how to think like a leader. From there, we don’t stop picking up new things and sharpening our own perspectives to be more successful with each campaign and strategy we develop. More key, we make sure everyone here has the resources they need to thrive and be their best.

So what does having a growth mind-set entail? It’s about being open to learning and to succeeding. There are three keys we really stress in our program that set the most ambitious team members on a course to career excellence:

• Focus: Goals are what drive our need to learn and grow. This means we stay on task and place our energies on gaining insights that will push us forward.

• Time Management: We all have the same 24 hours a day. High achievers just know how to budget their time better to accomplish more.

• Communication: Around United Systems, we make it clear that no question is dumb, and that it’s okay to speak up if something isn’t clear.

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