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Creating and Maintaining Our Team-Oriented Culture

Team United Systems has created a collaborative office culture, where people are inspired and empowered to give their all to group goals. These are a few of the steps we take to maintain this kind of buy-in:

• Create Connections: Through team building, social events, and even our United Systems travel program, we create chances for our people to connect with one another on a more personal level than our busy workweek schedules allow.

• Honor Wins: By highlighting each other’s successes and honoring one another when we hit milestones in our lives and/or careers, we encourage the mind-set that a win for one of us is a win for all.

• Set Goals Together: People are more committed to outcomes they have chosen for themselves, so getting input before setting goals ensures the whole team feels a sense of ownership about the results toward which we are working.

• Talk Openly: Open channels of dialogue show how much we value one another’s input, and transparency in our decision making invites trust.

• Highlight the Value of Each Role: When everyone knows why their role matters to the success of our team, each job provides a sense of worth and purpose.

• Hire With Culture in Mind: When we interview applicants for our firm, we look for soft skills and values that suggest a person will thrive in our culture.

By following these and other guidelines, we’ve created a team spirit that fuels success. Like United Systems on Facebook to see our unity in action.

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