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Big Benefits From Business Travel

One of the big surprises that newcomers to United Systems discover is how many opportunities our team has to travel for business. In a market where other companies tend to reserve trips for only top managers, we have a different philosophy. We believe that getting out of the office and seeing the world together reaps far more benefits than what we invest in our travel program.

Chris, United Systems’ President, explained that when team members get to head out to conferences, visit other offices, or even take part in rewarding retreats, it motivates them to keep working toward their goals. There’s a certain excitement that comes with packing bags and heading off to the airport, or even jumping in the car to see parts unknown to us.

Visiting new places can stimulate different senses which also gets our brains firing on all cylinders. Sometimes a refreshing change of pace or an interesting location can spark an idea that we might miss as we go about our normal routines. If we’re taking part in an industry function, we certainly leave with more knowledge than when we arrived.

Since we often venture out together, whether in pairs or as an entire team, we get to share these experiences and form memories together. Back in the office, we’re no longer just coworkers who happen to share a workspace. We’re a team who can look at each other and laugh remembering a specific place we saw, or the expression on someone’s face the first time they tried a local cuisine.

We’re not shy about sharing our adventures with anyone who would like to learn more. Like United Systems on Facebook to see highlights from trips past and info on upcoming adventures.

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